HAPPY HALLOWEEN - weekend goals, snow and ann margaret

despite the random october snowstorm here in philly, i completed my 3 goals:
1. DIY project: the striped shirt - metallic green with 2 yellow stripes thrown in for fun...in the washer as i type this.
2. exotic cocktail - i ventured out in the snow to get a $4 gin and tonic at the trestle inn, which seemed pretty exotic to me! yes, that is a go-go dancer dressed as a cat...it was a halloween themed night and she was mesmerizing.
3. straight hair - granted, in the "before" picture my hair is wet and thus fairly non-curly, but this was my first "solo" attempt at making my hair straight and wow, it got kinda BIG on one side. please see the picture of ann margaret below for a comparison and excuse my non-smile smile in these pictures!

could not not get the same flip in the front as coy ann. hmmm...perhaps i should just be her for holloween! or ryan gosling's character from the excellent movie "drive" - dressed in a canadian tuxedo AKA denim on denim. what are you going to be for halloween?


snow day update! my girl crush! feist!


it is snowing in philly - crazy! i am heading out to trek across town, but i thought before i brave the elements, i would share with you my current girl crush: feist!


WEEKEND GOALS - exotic cocktail, straight hair and a lined tee...

so i thought i would give myself some weekend goals...
1. try an exotic cocktail...perhaps at the newly opened trestle inn
2. can i do it? can i straighten my hair? this one may be tough.
3. DIY project (since i already have fabric paint) - lined tee

i will check-in on monday to let you know if these (modest) goals were completed. have a wonderful weekend!


ASPIRE...embracing this rainy thursday in philadelphia

this cool and stormy weather makes me want to slooooow down...so i thought i would share a poem about two things i love: autumn and libraries.
In the Library - by Dorthea Grossman

The library always smells like this:
an ancient stew of vinegar and wood.
It’s autumn again,
and I can do anything.


welcome...enjoy something pretty...

down by the schuylkill river a few weeks ago... i could not ignore the magical sky.