ear candy: santigold & pyrite!

santigold (AKA santi white, AKA santogold) not only rocks, but also has great style! perhaps she would enjoy wearing these awesome pyrite nugget earrings by krista peel.


a picture & a poem: stuart dybek

chord by stuart dybek
A man steps out of sunlight,
sunlight that streams like grace,

still gaping at blue sky
staked across the emptiness of space,

into a history where shadows
assume a human face.

A man slips into silence
that began as a cry,

still trailing music
although reduced to the sigh

of an accordion
as it folds into its case.

(poem source)


just because...sometimes we need to state the obvious!

from banter banner!

artistic inspiration: going birdy for abigail brown!

my mom is a serious sewer and thus has a walk-in closet in her basement that's FILLED with fabric...i kinda want to bring british textile artist abigail brown to meet my mom and see what sort of bird magic ensues!


happy memorial day from my new favorite beer!

hell or high watermelon from the 21st amendment brewery....yum!


friday fab/five: sunscreen/tumblr/beer and more!

1. sunscreen: really, the damage has been done...i was a camp counselor for five summers for goodness sake! but i'm trying to embrace some serious SPF and am especially fond of my facial sunscreen by origins.

2. i have a tumblr page! follow me as i feed my visual addiction.

3. JANDD bike bags: almost every week someone asks about my bike bags AKA my panniers AKA my mobile trunk. they are worth their weight in gold!

4. philadelphia brewing company "fluer de lehigh" beer: my favorite summer beer...named after a road near my old place in fishtown. and, according to the PBC site, includes: "a dose of ginger, lemon grass, rose hips, cardamon, and rhubarb."

5. iced coffee: boy, if this is not iced coffee weather, i don't know what is!

(coffee image)


ear candy - best coast and leather feathers!

the new best coast album is blowing up. these dreamy layered sounding songs kinda make me want to be 13 again, slow dancing in a friend's basement...wearing these leather earrings.


just because...rings make my fingers happy!

my tired hands want me to reward them with a lovely ring from esty seller amerrymishap.

a picture & a poem: a. e. stallings!

four fibs by a. e. stallings
or grapple
over the apple?
Eavesdropping Adam heard her say
To the snake-oil salesman she was not born yesterday.


is not
Bliss. Wisdom
is not the abyss,
but visceral innocence. Kiss

the windfall of the world, she heard him whisper, or hiss.

Not me!
Cried all three.
"You shall creep the earth.
And you shall labor giving birth.
And as for you, you shall toil and sweat for all you're worth."

heart and
hope to die,
stick a needle in
your eye. That is the awful oath
of childhood, chapter and verse, genesis of the lie.

(picture by me//poem source)


artistic inspiration: petra borner has so much talent!

petra borner's illustrations are a mix of modernity and nostalgia plus a little scandinavia...which equals awesome!



friday fab/five: atlantic city/cindy sherman/cropped pants and more!

1. cropped pants! what a great option for work/warm-weather/life...this is my go-to style right now. 

2. i'm not much of a STUFF person...very often i go through my closets, drawers, etc. and just purge out as much as i can...but, i have always loved refrigerator magnets! they are the perfect "collection" for me and such a great way to have a little bit of a vacation or experience right in my kitchen. i even did a magnet DIY recently. 

3. on wednesday night, my friend bri and i participated in philly's ride of silence - which honors local bike riders who have been killed while cycling. the circumstances were solemn, but the police escorted ride through philadelphia was a rare treat and (hopefully) an obvious visual example to drivers of how especially vulnerable we cyclists are. 

4. i'm writing in defense of atlantic city. hear me out...i'm from MN, so any little bit of the ocean is exotic to me...and the bus ride from philly to atlantic city is only $15 round trip. that is cheaper than a cab ride across town! it's so cheap because they want you to gamble, but i just skip the casinos and hit the beach...and enjoy a day of intense sea-side people watching!

5. hopefully i will be able to see the cindy sherman show at the moma before it closes next month. what a good reason to get up to NYC!

(jcrew pants//ride of silence source//bathing beauty source//cindy sherman source)


a picture & a poem: billy collins action poetry!

in his recent TED talk poet billy collins described the project/process of animating a few of his short poems. it was an amazing presentation with equally amazing videos, so i thought i would share a couple of my favorites.

(all the videos can be found here)


artistic appreciation: kaelyn michaels!

i love the balance of positive/negative space in (fellow PA resident) kaelyn michael's photographs. her peaceful engrossing landscapes seem so far away from my (often) loud and hectic city life! i found myself looking at them and sighing.




friday/fab 5: little bit earth and sky!

1. there is a ton of constellation jewelry popping up all over the place on etsy and pinterest...i am partial to this brass leo pendant by julie nolan.

2. i was in love park last friday and i realized what a great symbol for the city. who doesn't love love in all of it's forms...i'm looking at you north carolina!

3. speaking of love...i realized that although last season was pretty pitiful, i love my philadelphia eagles and am not ashamed to admit that i am one of those yell at the TV kinda fans. i just put the 2012 regular season schedule into my planner and discovered a BIG shock...the last game in december is not against dreaded dallas, but the giants...what??!!

4. my friend recently posted a picture of the andy goldsworthy storm king "wall" on pinterest...i saw this amazing and magical work of art in person a few years ago and have been in awe of andy's talent ever since.

5. OLIVES! i would choose a bunch of briny olives over a slice of cake any day.

(eagles image source//wall image source//olives image source)


ear candy - grimes and gold talons!

i cannot stop spending my cool spring evenings listening to canadian singer grimes (AKA claire boucher)...this is my grimes/earrings/mash-up.

and for your eyes...

(white talon and gold earrings are by Tennineteen - Christine Guibara via etsy//grimes photo by JOHN LONDONO)


a picture & a poem

watermelons by charles simic
Green Buddhas
On the fruit stand.
We eat the smile
And spit out the teeth.

(photo by me//poem source)


artistic appreciation: nan lawson!

LA-based illustrator nan lawson's art warms my heart...it's the perfect balance of cute and sophisticated. that's a compliment!


just because...eco resin is so beautiful!

don't you want to wear some lichen and moss? you can! these (and many more) are made by rosella resin via their etsy site.

ahhh...monday...time to rest!


friday/fab 5: m-m-m-may!

1. i'm running in the broad street run on sunday morning! butterflies! so ready to cross that finish line.

2. spring blooms: philly is in the midst of all kinds of vibrant blooming...which will not be ignored!

3. new girl: this show just gets better every week...and poor schmidt gets more endearing. it's the yin (or yang?) to my mad men viewings.  

4. lemon-infused olive oil: is it bad that i want to rub this all over my skin? so yummy. olave also makes a basil infused olive oil...ahhh, what! 

5. trampled by turtles: i know - horrible band name, but i heard them so much during my MN vacation that i got past the name and grew to like this progressive bluegrass group from duluth. 

(image #1/#3/#4/#5 by joshua timmermans)


books i read last month...

(oops...in all the vacation hubbub, i forgot to take pictures of a couple books...had to grab the cover images from amazon)


a picture & a poem: dogwoods & jane kenyon

evening sun by jane kenyon
Why does this light force me back 
to my childhood? I wore a yellow 
summer dress, and the skirt 
made a perfect circle.

Turning and turning 
until it flared to the limit
was irresistible . . . . The grass and trees, 
my outstretched arms, and the skirt 
whirled in the ochre light
of an early June evening.

And I knew then
that I would have to live, 
and go on living: what a sorrow it was; 
and still what sorrow ignites
but does not consume
my heart.
(image by me...i am in awe of how beautiful the dogwood trees look this spring!//poem source) 


artistic appreciation: krista charles!

i LOVE these tiny (but mighty) matchbook drawings by new mexico based artist krista charles.