DIY thursday: random stuff collage magnets!

i was trying to figure out a fancy name for these...but really, to be honest, they are collages of random stuff made into magnets! i came up with this project because i have been ridding myself of the "random stuff" AKA the "i will use this small thing later stuff" and the "one day i will need this thingy." basically all the objects i used in this DIY were one step away from the rubbish bin!

you will need:
- your RS (random stuff)
- assorted papers...including a card stock type paper for the back of the collage
- a glue gun or strong glue
- magnets (i had a roll of magnet tape from 1993!!!!!)

the process is quite simple: start with the card stock piece and glue the RS on top of it into a collage.

since the collage is random (and small), don't think too hard about it...let your kid instincts be your guide! that said, you should try combining textures/colors/patterns, but be mindful of how heavy you are making each one. i got a bit carried away adding moss to most of my pieces because i thought it created a cool 3-D effect.

once you are happy with your petite work of art and the front has dried completely, turn it over and apply the magnets to the back.

that's it - so fun, cheap and easy!

mine are totally random, but you could make themed magnet collages to commemorate a special event or as a gift to a relative or holiday themed...the ideas are endless.

since i have a thing for refrigerator magnets, that is where my collages now live. i think they blend in quite nicely!

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