challenge update...watching paint dry!

goodness, i'm impatient! and i feel so close to finishing this challenge. but since i'm forced to take a break (and watch/not watch the paint dry), i thought maybe i should throw up some pictures of how this tiny free library project is going so far.


challenge update...THE AHNNA!

OK, it probably seems like i'm not really doing anything related to my march challenge - the little free library. and that was kinda true for a while, but mostly because i felt overwhelmed with the construction part (which in my brain equated to the non-creative part...actually it felt like a math problem and i'm really bad at math) and what i wanted to think about was the decorating part. plus i wanted to create something cool for my dear friends...duh!

simply: decorating = art/fun. building = stress/the chance of screwing up fairly badly.

but wait! i found out that my awesome cousin cindy (props to relatives) freaking LOVES to build things and has offered to help me follow the plans (found at the little free library website) to construct a library that ahnna and bob will not be too embarrassed to have in their yard. well, hopefully they will like it after i do the decorating part AKA "sara flair"!


OCCY 2015...a march challenge from ahnna!

another month, another project. this one is from my friend (since the 5th grade kinda) ahnna! pictured above - after she won 1st place in a backyard ping pong championship this past summer.