the amy & corrina - seasonal confusion in the best way!

august is almost over. how did that freaking happen? never-mind the gory details, i knew that this amazing summer would eventually end. is it fitting that this project is a gateway to a new season...or rather a mash up of warm weather flora i basically stole out of my neighbor's yards - with a nod (albeit an abstract one) to the cold winter months? which, for the record i hate. winter sucketh.

wait, am i saying the same things i said in the intro post? maybe. but i'm too lazy to check. plus my internet connection is slow and also i have a sunburn. #summeryo


OOCY 2015...an august challenge from amy & corrina!

so, i sent this challenge to my friend amy, but her daughter corrina came up with the idea and really i couldn't be more happy about it. corrina is cool, sweet & smart. just like her mom!


the bri! a return to mystery!

ahhh...july. you were so GREAT. and i got to take this project to an island...in the middle of a beautiful lake. seriously. of course, i wish i could have taken bri as well.