the amy & corrina - seasonal confusion in the best way!

august is almost over. how did that freaking happen? never-mind the gory details, i knew that this amazing summer would eventually end. is it fitting that this project is a gateway to a new season...or rather a mash up of warm weather flora i basically stole out of my neighbor's yards - with a nod (albeit an abstract one) to the cold winter months? which, for the record i hate. winter sucketh.

wait, am i saying the same things i said in the intro post? maybe. but i'm too lazy to check. plus my internet connection is slow and also i have a sunburn. #summeryo

sooooo...as you can see, this creativity project morphed into a send up to winter and kinda state fair seed art AND i used glitter in it. no apologies on the glitter front. technically it's embossing powder. the construction aspects basically involve long periods of waiting for glue and paint to dry. when you pour paint into water and then pour that over leaves and twigs it just hangs out liquid for a real long time.

yeah, it's a snowflake. get it?

this might be the sunburn talking, but (to me) it's also about layers and mystery and uniqueness and glitter and winter and summer and life and confusion. which i then contained behind glass in a classy frame - because i want to give this to corrina. but some of it might spill out the back...like how the messy stuff we all deal with daily accidentally spills out...there's only so much i/we/you can control. there's a mantra in here somewhere.

(disclaimer: corrina you are under no obligation to keep this. really. i just KonMari-ed my life. if there's no joy, pass it on. or adhere to my ever appropriate motto: "when in doubt, throw it out." really.)

also, this was SUPER hard to photograph. so much glare...my apologies on that front.

to wind this up on a serious note: amy and corrina - you are both AMAZING AND LOVELY LADIES. it was my honor to work on this project and i hope that you continue to challenge me for years and years and years.


  1. another awesome challenge that you met (before the end of the month, even) and conquered. i just love what you made here, so intricate and lovely! you really are an artist, sara! xo

    1. awww...thanks wendy!! this whole project has been such a wild ride.