OCCY 2015...a september challenge from julie & rob!

lovely september...the month that starts out at 90 degrees and ends at 60...maybe? i did move my socks to the front of the drawer. goals. and with another month comes another project. my 9th. whoa. and this challenge is from my dear friends in philly: julie and rob. i'm gonna stick with julie's request...although i like rob's idea too...at least the title and we all know that i enjoy talking.

i've known both julie and rob for years (julie first - box office alumni yo!) and if you are looking for a couple of stand-up folks - these are them - pictured above. just don't ask them to go dancing at the barbary. but for reals, they are always ready for fun times - while also being incredibly supportive...and pro-philly. AND they are visiting MN next month, so let's all be extra 'minnesota nice' to them!

this project has so many ideas bubbling up in my brain...mostly related to "where did i put that art/craft/photo stuff during my KonMari flurry?" and what not. i'm a nerd for pictures and totally look forward to hunkering down with this challenge - especially because it's for two awesome folks and also i need something fun to replace my time at the beach. you know, because september.

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