the heather! running, jumping, dancing...loving minneapolis!

what's the most creative way to show our MNPLS love? maybe it's publicly freaking out about how much joy a gorgeous october day in this beautiful and unique city can give us? maybe. you be the judge.

i present: the heather.

ps. heather! thanks for this fun challenge and for going off the path...fearlessly, confidently and open to the possibilities. i'm so glad that we got to create our own 'love letter' to the city - together.
pps. thank you imovie...for being so easy to figure out.


OCCY 2015...an october challenge from heather!

the amazing thing about this challenge is that heather suggested it BEFORE she helped me make the video for my january project. was she psychic? maybe. maybe she knew what sort of embarrassing/joyful/magic could be had by just PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE...among the people...while being filmed by a laughing friend.


the julie & rob: a tribute to philly and hipstamatic and friendship!

well, hello...i'd like to introduce you to my ninth project! i'm kinda realizing late in the game that i should periodically review the actual challenge about half-way through the month...to see if i'm staying on task. not that i totally went off the rails, but perhaps took a sharp right turn. but i couldn't resist combining some elements that screamed JULIE AND ROB! like pictures i took with hipstamatic (my beloved iphone photo app) and images of PHILADELPHIA - the mummers, south street and independence park. and traveling and taking chances and going through the doors that may lead to the magic.