april challenge update...the ups & downs

OK, so far i have learned that:

1) kites are fairly easy to build if you actually slow down and read the directions...it only took me two tries on that front - see my issues with patience from last month's challenge. and who knew that you can make a kite out of garbage bags, dowels & scotch tape? simple stuff.


OCCY 2015...an april challenge from mary!

my challenge this month is from my friend mary. and here's the thing: it wasn't her original challenge. boom...i'm in charge here so we can switch things up, or rather mary can if she wants to. and she did. the rules are that we have no rules.

first, let me tell you about mary and then i'll tell you about the project.

the first time i met mary (yikes, the mid-90s college years), we were visiting in her kitchen and she sat right down on the floor while talking to me. granted, she may have been petting a cat, but it was a vivid - dare i say radical - memory. i'm not giving anything away when i say that mary is older than i am...old enough to be a parent...but when she sat on the floor it was like she was (radically) telling me: "i'm not the adult here, i am the friend here and i SEE you." or at least that's what it communicated to my spirit.


the ahnna! another tiny free library enters the world.

my march creativity challenge is COMPLETE! the handover went without a hitch...and now my friend ahnna is gonna run her own tiny free library. yay!