april challenge update...the ups & downs

OK, so far i have learned that:

1) kites are fairly easy to build if you actually slow down and read the directions...it only took me two tries on that front - see my issues with patience from last month's challenge. and who knew that you can make a kite out of garbage bags, dowels & scotch tape? simple stuff.

2) but kites are not so easy to fly...at least for me. my prototype kites mostly wanted to dance. hey, i love to dance, but i kinda wanted some soaring above 15' - i thought verna and mary would like that kind of altitude. and the tangle of the string...seriously how did it get stuck in my hair?

but, holy crapy, kids love kites. parents get your kids some kites already! every little person who saw me SCREAMED: a kite! look (mom/dad/grandparent) a kite! a kite! (and these were kites that i could not even get to fly, but they saw the possibility/potential of my effort.)

3) did you know that spray paint doesn't stick to garbage bags? i didn't until it was too late. so the decorating part took a nosedive (to use some kite lingo) and i'm back to the construction phase. again, i'm gaining more knowledge! and if you see flakes of orange and pink in my hair and on my clothes, just please ignore it.

luckily, i still have time to make my kites and decorate them with non-spray paint options...stay tuned.

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