the mary! up up and away!

another project completed!

plus, now i can build a kite without looking at the directions...progress/knowledge! no guarantee that it will fly though. and since i learned about the downside of spray-paint on garbage bags (or not on garbage bags), finishing these kites for mary felt like i was opening the door to something new and exciting. my brain started to dart from one material to the next - kites with fabric, kites with twigs, kites with paper, etc x infinity.

the part of a poem (by mark raymond) on mary's kite reads:
april, dear april, i know you can't stay -
you have to move on 'till next year.
and though i shall cherish the glory of summer,
you'll always be my month most dear.

most dear to me are my lovely friends. so thank you mary - and thank you verna - for opening my mind/heart to the possibilities of this amazing little object - the kite.

ps. and this was the start to my original verna kite...with the paint that flecked off and stuck all over my apartment and my body. love her sly smile!
pps. it seemed windy today, so i was going to take them to the park, but then a thunderstorm rolled in. i'm gonna pass them to mary this week and maybe we can give them a whirl in the work parking lot!

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