the niles & annie! a summer celebration...

i have a sunburn and just rang in the solstice with two days of rock concerting. how is this month happening so fast and so strong? i mean, summer really came in swinging. and a creativity project to figure out - on top of all the fun and mayhem and trip packing that i am and am not doing. whoa. 

so to refresh your memory, the general goal was to celebrate one of most magical months (i think) MN has to offer - june yo! my mind settled on a HAPPENING, so to speak, since it was going to be something we participated in/with. and then a tent - or a type of adult fort image popped into my head. and would't leave. so last thursday we went down to the river and built a tent.


OCCY 2015...a june challenge from niles & annie!

look at these wonderful people...not me, the other two - niles and annie! i get to call them my friends AND i get to see them each day at work! lucky me. i've known niles since we both had horrible college fashion..ugh...and wow, his wife annie has been nothing short of welcoming and caring from the first moment we met. plus, she's a really great dancer.

and what did they give me to work on for the month of june? a lot. seriously...holy smokes, what isn't in this challenge!?