the niles & annie! a summer celebration...

i have a sunburn and just rang in the solstice with two days of rock concerting. how is this month happening so fast and so strong? i mean, summer really came in swinging. and a creativity project to figure out - on top of all the fun and mayhem and trip packing that i am and am not doing. whoa. 

so to refresh your memory, the general goal was to celebrate one of most magical months (i think) MN has to offer - june yo! my mind settled on a HAPPENING, so to speak, since it was going to be something we participated in/with. and then a tent - or a type of adult fort image popped into my head. and would't leave. so last thursday we went down to the river and built a tent.

i think it's fair to say that we nailed it...i'm using "we" because i was lucky enough to get help, humor and tent-building guidance from my talented friend alisun. she so sweetly talked me down from my sudden case of anxiety about building something i've never remotely imagined (winging it, again!) in front of a group of strangers. did i think they would laugh at me? was i overtly obsessed with the structural integrity of the tent? i'd rather not answer those questions.

why did we nail it you ask? because N & A requested a picnic (check), a bike ride (check), balloons (check...thank you dollar store!), outdoors (check to the max) and a 40x60 painting (ummm no.) ok, i didn't do the painting, but instead tried to find the best version of an environmental canvas...ala the outdoors ala a music concert by duluth area native actual wolf ala things to look at. as requested: "capture the joy, light, love & life of summer." check.

so, we built a tent...with balloons, rope, fabric, ribbon, pillows, trays of snacks, tiny wine bottles, pixy sticks, etc. and do you know what? sitting inside that space with my friends was magical and we felt it and that feeling was really really good.

ps. (have i said this in a post before? i should go back and look...because now it's something i cannot ignore.) the people surrounding us (AKA strangers) at this event were so kind and encouraging by what we made. we didn't ask if it was OK, we just boldly (mostly on alisun's part at this point) picked a spot and started to put wooden sticks in the ground. again and again with the projects that i've brought out into the public, i'm confronted with a reaction of unguarded wonder...people see something out of the ordinary and are simply delighted. wow.

pps. now i have to start packing for peru. really.

ppps. happy summer...we made it!

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