OCCY 2015...a july challenge from bri!

my july challenge has been waiting in the wings...or maybe i'm just feeling all lazy in the summer heat! but i don't want to put it off too long because it's from a totally AWESOME lady (and my bestest friend) bri crowley. even though bri lives in philly, so i don't get to see her enough at all, i did just get to spend over 12 glorious days with her...having adventures on our way to machu picchu, peru. how lucky.

i met bri at temple university, in lovely ambler, pa. i was back in school for horticulture and realized during my first week of a botany class that i needed a lab partner who knew chemistry...because, oh my lord i didn't! bri stood out to me at that time because she seemed so smart and cool and confident. and that's because SHE IS smart and cool and confident - and creative and beautiful and supportive and funny and a million other things that make her a wonderful friend.

OK, back to the challenge at hand. we talked a little bit about the parameters of this project, as we were climbing high into the andes, naturally. she told me that i could modify the original suggestion if i wanted and instead use the abundant plant-life surrounding the trail to focus on negative/positive space within photography. although i took over 2,000 pictures on the trip, i still want to do this month's challenge as originally suggested...to explore the process of cyanotype...really. i think it looks like fun and it's perfect for these long sunny summer days.

so amazon, bring on the cyanopaper...along with a cookbook that i also ordered. don't faint. i want to start cooking again...more than just rice and popcorn. this recipe kick is also an homage to bri and the great and interesting food we ate on our hike in peru. (not the stuff that gave us food poisoning - the other stuff!) it's a creativity project add-on. i can do that...because i'm in charge.

and holy moly, this is the seventh project! i'm halfway through this adventure. whoa.

how cool is the image above? it's by anna atkins. info on her and some fun links about cyanotype in general can be found here and here and here...see you in a few weeks!

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