the bri! a return to mystery!

ahhh...july. you were so GREAT. and i got to take this project to an island...in the middle of a beautiful lake. seriously. of course, i wish i could have taken bri as well.

for reals, i think that everyone deserves a friend like bri...loving and fiercely loyal. and she's really funny. once bri thought that a landlord in philly was taking advantage of me and she pretended to be my lawyer. it was pretty funny, maybe you had to have been there. she is part of so many of my past adventures (SEE: recent trip to peru)...and will be in the future ones as well. i feel honored to have worked on this challenge for her.

OK, this might not make sense, but my take on this cyano print project is that it's fairly easy to use this medium to produce a recognizable image of an object...SO what if you then abstracted that print into something that was kinda familiar but also kinda vague. i'm talking about inviting a little mystery into our lives.

maybe it's like looking at clouds? your brain starts to see all sorts of other things or like looking at people...we are always changing and struggling and growing. nothing is defined...really...if we don't want it to be. yes, these are sun prints of plants, but when taken apart and put back together, they can be underwater seascapes or parts of the night sky or the outlines of crumpled clothes on the floor of your dark closet.

in the end, i made these new "scenes" into notecard sets. because i might (in fact) be obsessed with function. i'm going to give a set to bri and i'm going to keep the rest for myself. BOOM! drunk on power. periodically i'm going to send her a card telling her how loved and amazing she is. because it's true. SHE is the best kind of mystery.

and also this:
"promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." aa milne.

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