OOCY 2015...an august challenge from amy & corrina!

so, i sent this challenge to my friend amy, but her daughter corrina came up with the idea and really i couldn't be more happy about it. corrina is cool, sweet & smart. just like her mom!

i've known amy since elementary school - when her dad became the pastor of our church. amy is completely without guile...and is constantly encouraging me to be a better human - including a better communicator! we shared a locker in high school, pierced each other's ears and went on so many ridiculous embarrassing adventures. including creating the short VHS film i made about amy & her family & her friends - called "amy: composite of a budding young woman" - it was a clearly a teen classic.

we've worked together and lived together...but during the great times and the crappy times, i knew that amy was always there - to call me on my stupid behavior and make me laugh. sometimes when you have known someone for so long, you both can change in a way that separates you...i don't feel that with amy. she gets me and for that i am freakishly thankful.

i love visiting amy and her family on their hobby farm...it's so quiet in the country and she cooks up the most delicious food and always gives me a dozen eggs for the ride home! and her kids and husband are rad...obviously!

but wait, it's a winter themed project!?! maybe this is some sort of covert therapy because i loathe winter. it's just such a drag to be cold all the time! but i accept the challenge and the "natural elements" aspect pops out at me...as well as the idea of using summer stuff to make a winter theme. so many ideas in my head...let's get started! thanks corrina!

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