the jodi...a music mix for the end of the year!

or this mix could also be called: "welcome to my midlife crisis" or "good grief, are these just a bunch of sad love songs?'...any of those would work as the title. these jams have kept me company throughout the year and i'm excited to share them with jodi and with YOU. 


OCCY 2015...a december challenge from jodi...my last challenge!

this is it...the last month! and what a fun challenge from my dear friend jodi. i've been thinking about this one all year. ALL YEAR.


november...the project i failed.

ok, so i failed my november project. like, i failed it so hard. don't get me wrong...there were many things that i enjoyed about doing the challenge (especially the rocks in my shower part...i might collect more so i can have a little bit of the lake with me each day) and i adore my cousin cindy, so i didn't want to let her down, but i cannot (honestly) say that any of this turned out well. it did not.