november...the project i failed.

ok, so i failed my november project. like, i failed it so hard. don't get me wrong...there were many things that i enjoyed about doing the challenge (especially the rocks in my shower part...i might collect more so i can have a little bit of the lake with me each day) and i adore my cousin cindy, so i didn't want to let her down, but i cannot (honestly) say that any of this turned out well. it did not.

and i currently have the flu, which may or may not have added to the travesty of the endeavor. my brain is also kinda blurry and confused, so i will not ramble on too much with this post.

here are pictures (of the slow motion train-wreck)...which went something like this: collected rocks from cedar lake, bought some dishes at the thrift store, super glued the dishes together to make a form, tried to glue rocks to said form, tried to grout the freaking rocks, still trying to clean up from the giant mess, etc. and now i have this sloppy unwieldy object/thing/yard art? i have no freaking clue. no clue.

i will get my cousin something for her house, it'll just be made by someone else and given with love...from me.

bless her heart, my cousin accepts my failures. that's family for you folks.

ps. i realize now that it could (maybe) be a tiny ugly bird bath? probs not though.

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