OCCY 2015...a december challenge from jodi...my last challenge!

this is it...the last month! and what a fun challenge from my dear friend jodi. i've been thinking about this one all year. ALL YEAR.

first, a few words about jodi. to say that we've been friends for a very long time seems appropriate. i mean 1993 was a VERY long time ago. i met jodi working at a bible camp in wisconsin and although i don't know the exact moment where i thought: "holy smokes this girl is amazing and makes me laugh so hard and how do get to hang out with her all the time?"...it just happened and i'm so glad it did.

she's like in all my pictures from that summer and was a prominent member of ongoing shenanigans the following years. (see above video evidence) but somewhere in early adulthood, jodi moved to the west coast and i went to the east coast and we lost touch. AKA the missing years. 

when i moved back to MN in late 2012 and got to hang out with jodi again (don't worry my mom was keeping tabs on her for me) - i thought again "holy smokes, here's that amazing lady" and that in-between time just fell away. it's been such a gift having jodi (and her fun/talented/loving family!) back in my life again. plus they invite me over for the best meals. the best!

this challenge is clearly a send up to something i love doing and have done for jodi in the past...even actual mixed tapes. (remember those. whoa.) clearly this will be in the CD form. and although i'm not musical, i love music: listening/watching/singing along in the car. what an art form to celebrate and what a year to celebrate it. yessssss. 24 songs folks. 24! 

i can't wait to share the track list & concert selection, but i'll leave you with this picture of jodi chilling at the eaux claires music festival...were she braved the heat, the various man-buns and the one-star hotel to celebrate music and kindness with me. 

PS. jodi is the pastor of a wonderful church called humble walk. you should check it out sometime.
PPS. i think jodi still has a couple of tapes i made her in the 90's and a way to actually listen to them. amazing.
PPPS. so far i have justin bieber and the judds on the mix list. no explanation needed.

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