the jodi...a music mix for the end of the year!

or this mix could also be called: "welcome to my midlife crisis" or "good grief, are these just a bunch of sad love songs?'...any of those would work as the title. these jams have kept me company throughout the year and i'm excited to share them with jodi and with YOU. 

plus, i got to make a big mess in my apartment while working on the case/art...whatever it's called. sigh. it was all the best feels. (hey, look...my may project - the alisun - is in the picture below...giving off it's good vibes.)

so here it is...

1. The Things I Regret - Brandi Carlile
2. Can't Get Enough of Myself - Santigold
3. California (All the Way) - Luna
4. Delilah - Florence + The Machine
5. Memories of Old Hickory - Rayland Baxter (+)
6. Eugene - Sufjan Stevens
7. I Admit I’m Scared - Eskimeaux
8. Make Believe - Communist Daughter
9. Magnets (feat. Lorde) - Disclosure
10. Sorry - Justin Bieber
11. Then Came the Morning - The Lone Bellow
12. Giving Up on You - Wild Belle
13. No Comprende - Low
14. Black Beauty - Lana Del Rey
15. All Your Favorite Bands - Dawes
16. Birmingham - Shovels & Rope
17. My Baby Just Cares for Me - Nina Simone
18. September Fields - Frazey Ford
19. Out of the Woods - Ryan Adams
20. King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar (!)

buy these songs! go see these artists live! just a suggestion. but for real, who wants to see bieber with me. i'm not joking. music is my medicine and i hope there are a few tunes that speak to you as well. (it's only 20 songs because i seem to like four minute long jams...oops!)

true, this is the end...the end of 2015 and the end of my year of creativity challenges. i have learned so much (let me make you a kite!) and i'm glad i did it...even when things didn't go so well - see last month. simply...thank you. thank you to all the friends and family who not only participated, but also often helped while patiently listening to my ongoing procrastination excuses. thank you.

it's been an adventure. what's next...no idea...but for sure #onward!
(+) this is the artist that we are going to see. he's playing at the turf club in february. join us! it will be warm and fun. i promise.
(!) this song has ALL the dirty words. 

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