OCCY 2015...a november challenge from cindy!

my november challenge is from my cousin cindy. (you've seen her before - helping out with my march project.) how to even begin? cindy is more than my cousin, she's also one of my very best friends. i'm so lucky to have such a positive, funny, caring, generous, smart, and adventurous person in my life. and she can also totally relate to all the crazy stories about my/our family!

BONUS! plus, she jokes about changing my diapers, but doesn't seem to hold any of that against me.

from not batting an eye about riding bikes at midnight in kensington during a philly visit, to posing for pictures with fiberglass figures by the side of the road, to taking me dancing in anoka, to making me laugh so hard i have to sit down on the ground...cindy clearly is the bomb and i can't wait to work on her project.

that being said, i kinda have NO IDEA what i'm going to make...stoneware? coffee table? decorative? rocks? what? i mean, i have images that are rattling around in my head (don't i say that a lot on this blog? it seems like it!)...but the how/what/when to make the whole thing materialize...that's not so clear. 

so i'm going to hit google/pinterest/instagram/the library ASAP...to formulate the plan. or i hope that's what happens this weekend. probs gonna be collecting rocks! to be honest when i first read her entry i thought i had to make her a whole coffee table. ha! whew...thanks for the clarification cindy! but if i did have to construct a whole coffee table, i know she would help me do it and keep me laughing the whole freaking time. 

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