challenge update...watching paint dry!

goodness, i'm impatient! and i feel so close to finishing this challenge. but since i'm forced to take a break (and watch/not watch the paint dry), i thought maybe i should throw up some pictures of how this tiny free library project is going so far.

basically my weekends (and week nights) have been filled with building and painting and trying not to lose too many brain cells from the toxic fumes. oil based primer is really smelly!

this has been such a learning experience for me...and not just the construction parts! HUGE thanks to my cousin cindy and her husband for loaning their tools and expertise. (when in doubt, stand on a milk crate.)

my goal is to finish the painting/final touches before April 1st and give the library to ahnna by the end of next weekend...that way i still kinda meet my deadline.

ps. i kinda (not so) secretly want one of these libraries now!
pps. oil painting with your fingers does work, it's just very messy.
ppps. each side of the library has a different kind of (mostly native) wildflower...since it's going to go in a flower bed.

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