OCCY 2015...an october challenge from heather!

the amazing thing about this challenge is that heather suggested it BEFORE she helped me make the video for my january project. was she psychic? maybe. maybe she knew what sort of embarrassing/joyful/magic could be had by just PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE...among the people...while being filmed by a laughing friend.

and heather! how do i even start to explain the many adventures and just plain randomness iv'e experienced with heather over the years...including getting attacked by a crazed spray tan lady in wisconsin. she's my communication guru and continually challenges & supports me. i'm so beyond thankful to her (and her hubby ed) for always inviting me over for the best meals...with cloth napkins and wine! yes!

needless to say...we are both pumped about this month's challenge. i don't want to give anything away, but i will mention that we are going to spend some quality time together highlighting our lovely city. and although we have been talking about this project since january, we've limited our research to watching a music video or two featuring some amazing local talent like the jets and the replacements. but for reals, anything (ridiculous) can happen. and isn't that kinda cool?

but i can guarantee it will be edited down to two minutes and will include some laughter though. probs lots of laughter. (i couldn't resist adding these pictures...because i'm clearly joyously dorking out...which seemed fitting.)

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