OCCY 2015...a march challenge from ahnna!

another month, another project. this one is from my friend (since the 5th grade kinda) ahnna! pictured above - after she won 1st place in a backyard ping pong championship this past summer.

not only did we try to start a belinda carlisle cover band AND not only did she marry the funny artistic guy from my college printmaking class, but ahnna is flat out no nonsense cool. and she thinks i can build something! a tiny free library! (she apparently does't know that i only own one of those little hammers...and that's my ONLY tool.)

i'm gonna be honest and say that this project intimidates me BIG TIME. but hopefully, a miracle can happen...it's not like i'm building a real library.

this week is incubation time /google research and next weekend is thrifting and a visit to the site AKA ahnna and bob's house to talk about how they can help me - just kidding kinda - although she did say as much on her entry card. in the meantime, if any one has a five foot 4" x 4" post that you want to send my way, i'd gladly pick it up. i'm not kidding about this.

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