the martha! a sock creature out in the world.

so, it's not a bug as i originally intended. it's just a "creature"...made from mostly socks. and what would creatures do? they would hang out in their natural habitat. which is coincidentally the warmest place i could find in minnesota in february: como park conservatory.

this was a hard challenge in the sense that i've never done anything like this before...basically make a stuffed animal from scratch. and yes, if i had to do it again i would change (improve upon) so many things. but this creature really grew on me...or rather sort of grew out of my rambling imagination.

AND thank you martha (for this challenge)...i hope you are as surprised and delighted as i am about how things turned out!

PS. if you want little kids (and who am i kidding, adults as well) to stare at you with a coy/inquisitive look, lug around a crazy stuffed creature! i could almost hear their brains trying to figure it out, figure me out and also ask me if they could touch it. just for the record a grown man did reach out and touch it when i left it laying on a ledge and another woman told me she thought i was carrying a baby - accidental social experiment!

(the senior picture with creature pose)
PPS. a big thank you to alisun abbott for help with the photos and for making me feel normal about bringing "creature" out of my apartment.


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    1. wendy! i wish you were around for these projects, you would be getting a kick out of the process or lack of process!!