challenge update...the MARTHA!

OK, it might be the -12 weather, but this project has gone a little off the rails. or maybe it's all the podcasts i'm listening to while sewing? or maybe it's the fact that i cleaned out my closet and found a ton of buttons and embroidery floss? but regardless, things got very messy very fast and i'm going to take the next few days to try and reign it in...or maybe not...this is an art project after all. but here is what i've been up to so far...AKA lots of hand stitching!

this is the $.27 pillow that i'm stealing the batting out of. it was on sale at the thrift store...and why no one already snatched it up is beyond me!

buttons you can no longer see!

legs!! but only three on each side, not the originally planned for five...i couldn't figure out how to make that work. i realize the obvious: if i just used my sewing machine or googled how to make a sock monkey this project would most likely be easier. but i haven't done those things and why start now.

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