WEEKEND DISTRACTIONS: ahhh chilly january!

1. cocktail with my gal pal at the new restaurant down the street: lemon hill!
i have walked/biked by this place for the last few months...hoping (with crossed fingers) that something good was happening behind the closed doors. they finally reopened the space last week and although the menu is not entirely "sara-friendly", the buzz is good and the drink list/location/atmosphere make it visit worthy.

2. "photo wallahs" - a film at the penn museum/university of pennsylvania museum of archeology and anthropology!

according to the museum website: "In India, there are still itinerant portrait photographers who take pictures for people who do not have cameras. How has picture making changed over time? The film focuses on the photographers of Mussoorie, a hill station in the Himalayan foothills of northern India. Their fame has attracted tourists since the 19th century. Dr. Amardeep Singh, Professor of Post-Colonial Literatures, Lehigh University, and Kate Pourshariati, Penn Museum Film Archivist, introduce the program and facilitate the discussion"

this film interested me since i walk around with a camera in my pocket (AKA my iphone), but i never actually print the pictures i take...i never hold them...i never bring them into reality.


3. and speaking of films...see "tinker tailor soldier spy" and eat movie theater popcorn!
i have a tiny addiction to popcorn...the above image makes me uncomfortable in a good way.

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