friday/fab 5: m-m-m-may!

1. i'm running in the broad street run on sunday morning! butterflies! so ready to cross that finish line.

2. spring blooms: philly is in the midst of all kinds of vibrant blooming...which will not be ignored!

3. new girl: this show just gets better every week...and poor schmidt gets more endearing. it's the yin (or yang?) to my mad men viewings.  

4. lemon-infused olive oil: is it bad that i want to rub this all over my skin? so yummy. olave also makes a basil infused olive oil...ahhh, what! 

5. trampled by turtles: i know - horrible band name, but i heard them so much during my MN vacation that i got past the name and grew to like this progressive bluegrass group from duluth. 

(image #1/#3/#4/#5 by joshua timmermans)

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  1. GO, SARA! GO SARA!! have fun on the run. just so you know, you are inspirational and so lovely and i am so proud and happy that you are my friend. i love you girl. so sorry i won't be on the side-lines cheering you on. look for kathryn though. she told me she would cheer extra for me. xoxo