friday fab/five: atlantic city/cindy sherman/cropped pants and more!

1. cropped pants! what a great option for work/warm-weather/life...this is my go-to style right now. 

2. i'm not much of a STUFF person...very often i go through my closets, drawers, etc. and just purge out as much as i can...but, i have always loved refrigerator magnets! they are the perfect "collection" for me and such a great way to have a little bit of a vacation or experience right in my kitchen. i even did a magnet DIY recently. 

3. on wednesday night, my friend bri and i participated in philly's ride of silence - which honors local bike riders who have been killed while cycling. the circumstances were solemn, but the police escorted ride through philadelphia was a rare treat and (hopefully) an obvious visual example to drivers of how especially vulnerable we cyclists are. 

4. i'm writing in defense of atlantic city. hear me out...i'm from MN, so any little bit of the ocean is exotic to me...and the bus ride from philly to atlantic city is only $15 round trip. that is cheaper than a cab ride across town! it's so cheap because they want you to gamble, but i just skip the casinos and hit the beach...and enjoy a day of intense sea-side people watching!

5. hopefully i will be able to see the cindy sherman show at the moma before it closes next month. what a good reason to get up to NYC!

(jcrew pants//ride of silence source//bathing beauty source//cindy sherman source)

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