artistic inspiration: going birdy for abigail brown!

my mom is a serious sewer and thus has a walk-in closet in her basement that's FILLED with fabric...i kinda want to bring british textile artist abigail brown to meet my mom and see what sort of bird magic ensues!

according to her site: "Abigail spent large amounts of time as a child in the company of her grandma, an incredibly talented, hardworking seamstress, in a house strewn with loose threads and scraps of fabric...'My grandma had a beautiful patchwork bag she kept all her fabric scraps in, ‘ the raggy bag’, and when I was old enough to display my feelings of desire for this magical object full of wondrous bits of colour, pattern and texture, she made me my very own, much littler version.'"

bring a little bit of abigail into your life via her shop.

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