friday/fab 5: little bit earth and sky!

1. there is a ton of constellation jewelry popping up all over the place on etsy and pinterest...i am partial to this brass leo pendant by julie nolan.

2. i was in love park last friday and i realized what a great symbol for the city. who doesn't love love in all of it's forms...i'm looking at you north carolina!

3. speaking of love...i realized that although last season was pretty pitiful, i love my philadelphia eagles and am not ashamed to admit that i am one of those yell at the TV kinda fans. i just put the 2012 regular season schedule into my planner and discovered a BIG shock...the last game in december is not against dreaded dallas, but the giants...what??!!

4. my friend recently posted a picture of the andy goldsworthy storm king "wall" on pinterest...i saw this amazing and magical work of art in person a few years ago and have been in awe of andy's talent ever since.

5. OLIVES! i would choose a bunch of briny olives over a slice of cake any day.

(eagles image source//wall image source//olives image source)

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