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ARTISTIC APPRECIATION: jeana sohn and closet visit

the blog closet visit feeds my beautiful photograph addiction while also increasing my lust for care-free california living. artist jeana sohn "visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets"...and invites us along for the ride.

i appreciate the chance to glimpse at the often chaotic (but always alluring) inner sanctum of these talented women. for me, jeana shows us more than just the "stuff" in someone's closet...but how what we choose to treasure (and make precious space for) - actually represents our uniqueness.

hmmm...if jeana came to visit me, i would love pulling out my beloved shimmery indian scarf that i impulse bought my sophmore year of college or my bright red wool blazer that i discovered in a thrift store for $5 or the silver bird ring my mom recently gave me when she was cleaning out her jewelry box (OBTW mom - i get a compliment every time i wear it!)...what story does your closet tell about you?

(all images by jeana sohn)

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