DIY Thursday: does it smell in here?

on rainy days my apartment has a faint funky odor...i think it is a smell-collage of all the random people who lived here before me. since i am just a renter and my time in this apartment will be brief (thank god!) i would rather not think about those people. but a solution is needed...so i am going to make an herbal room spray for my thursday DIY project. prepare your nose!

this recipe (mostly) comes from "better basics from the home" by annie berthold-bond...as it states on the cover it offers "simple solutions for less toxic living"...yes, i totally agree.

deodorizing spray: 
(makes 1 cup)
(i got a cheap plastic spray bottle at the drugstore to put my spray into, but you can use a fancy glass bottle if you want)

8 drops lavender oil [lavender has astringent, antiseptic and antibacterial properties]
4 drops each bergamot and clove oil (or geranium oil) [FYI - bergamot is renowned for being used as the flavoring in earl grey tea.]
2 drops peppermint oil (or grapefruit oil) [antiseptic and refreshing]
1/2 c vodka - at least 80 proof [good opportunity to stock-up?]
1/2 distilled water [i used mineral water instead]

combine in a spray bottle and shake well. spritz into the air four or five times in areas that need refreshing. BONUS: because of the vodka, it has an indefinite shelf life.

ahhh...refreshing and herbal!

(image: pinterest via coffee shop girl)

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