mad for the muppets!

ARTISTIC INSPIRATION: jim henson and the muppets

over the weekend i heard terry gross (fresh air/npr) interview jason segal and nick stoller about creating the new muppet movie. jason and nick seemed thrilled to described how their personal passion and love for the muppets brought this movie to life. to be honest, i kinda wrote off the muppets when they became part of the disney family.

but i perked up when jason explained that he wanted this to be a family movie not a kid movie. i thought YES, that is why i have always loved the muppets! i felt like jim henson and crew did not dumb down their product because kids watched them...their humor was clever, optimistic, creative and super memorable. i mean, just look at beaker in the image above!

the movie is getting great reviews and many of the songs were written by bret mckenzie (of the - also wonderful - "flight of the conchords" fame)...a theater visit is now at the top of my to-do list!

PS. i used to do a killer swedish chef imitation in my early teens. just sayin'.

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  1. sara, i saw this movie with mike and my boys and let me tell you, i LOVED it!! i laughed a lot and even got a little emotional at certain parts. you need to see it, for real!
    can't wait for this weekend!
    love, wendy
    ps. beaker is one of my favs.