DIY thrusday...envelope sachets!

ok, you may have noticed my DIY trend...that the recent thursday posts are a mild attempt to use up my HUGE paper supply. baby steps! to that end, i used my envelope templates* from paper source for this project, but you can use whatever regular envelopes you have on hand. oh, and i got this project from an old issue of martha stewart magazine. 

you will need: a cutting mat, small or medium envelope(s), graph paper for your template design, a thick pin, scented ingredients to put into the envelope (see below) and a glue stick.

create a template using graph paper...use your imagination or just be geometric and follow the grids. then lay your envelope on a cutting mat and position the template over the envelope.

with a thick pin (i used an awl leftover from a book arts class i took in college), punch holes through the template and envelope...so the design emerges on both sides of the envelope. press hard!

fill the envelope with a blend of scented ingredients...martha suggests combinations of cedar tips, cedar shavings and lavender OR orange tea and dried roses OR lemon verbena, chamomile and a dried lemon peel. i went rogue and used a tablespoon combo of lavender and anise.**

use your glue stick to seal the envelope.

ta-da! you now have a lovely smelling sachet for your drawer of underthings. if you feel totally inspired you could make a whole batch to give to the mature ladies on your gift list! just sayin'...a set of 3 sachets tied with some ribbon would be a nice stocking stuffer.

*if you are making your own envelopes you will also need an x-acto blade and:
- if you don't want to invest in some plastic templates, you can trace around a paper envelope that you have taken apart. 
- i also made some extra envelopes to be used for mail, etc...i recommend getting a product called "lick & stick" to make the flap lick-able...so to speak!

**i am wondering if cotton balls with a few drops of essential oil would also work in the envelopes...after the oils have dried...hmm.

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