DIY Thursday: neck warmin'

once the cold weather rolls in, i'm addicted to neck-warmth. after some 70 degree days earlier this week, philly is finally feeling chilly. now is the ideal time for a DIY t-shirt necklace...warm and fashionable!

this project has been making the craft-world rounds, but i got my instructions from whole living magazine (and they said that they got them from the blog: cucumbersome.com, which looks to be abandoned.) i deviated from the instructions by using two t-shirts of a similar coral color.

you will need: a soft cotton t-shirt (or two), ruler, scissors or rotary cutter

1. lay the shirt on a flat surface; cut off and discard the hem. then you cut the body of the shirt into 3/4" strips...these will actually be loops.

2. one at a time, pull the loops open and stretch the fabric until it starts to curl. stack your loops on top of one another so that all the side seams are in the same general spot.

3. wrap your seams with a scrap piece of fabric (about 6 inches long) from the same shirt (or you could use a contrasting color...i should have thought of that!)...knot and tuck the end of the scrap under the wrapping.

and PRESTO you have a new/recycled piece of warming wearable art...so fun!

[FYI - i tried this project last year, but the shirt i used had printing on it and thus did not stretch or curl. it is best to use a plain cotton shirt]

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