total indulgence

so the story of the video above goes like this...i am starting a new design class this week and i need a flash drive for my assignment files. well, i grabbed a couple of the drives languishing in my desk drawer and the first one contained a "movie trailer" that i created for my animation class in 2000 (ouch) which strangely stars images of my brother and basically implies that he had a childhood of woe. i honestly would have never ever remembered that i made this, but watching it flooded me with late night computer lab memories...and had me laughing at/with the early 20s version of myself. i am posting the movie here as a pure indulgence to the younger me. sadly, this probably took me weeks in adobe after effects to create!!

hmmm...i do wish i remembered what i did with all the slides i scanned in to use for this project...maybe they are on another flash drive!?

(this does not seem to play on an iphone...sorry, i am not technical enough to know why??)

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  1. ahh theres nothing like rediscovering you digital past! which reminds me, facebook is the route of all evil