WEEKEND DISTRACTIONS: sense appreciation!

the opening night performance for nick cave's exhibition Let's C.
photo: james prinz
1. nick cave: let's C at the fabric workshop and museum!
this art is plainly more fuel for my texture addiction! added bonus: the fabric workshop is right next the AIA philadelphia bookstore and design center (which has very nice bathrooms if i may say so)...double whammy in sense overload.

the fabric workshop says: 
"The exhibition Let’s C highlights recent, prominent sculptural and performative works by Chicago-based artist Nick Cave. The exhibition features Cave’s iconic “Soundsuits”—which function in chorus as dance costumes, sculptures, and extensions of one’s persona—video of recent performance, and, for the first time, Architectural Forest: an ambitious, floor-to-ceiling installation of ornamented bamboo. For over two decades, Nick Cave has constructed Soundsuits out of a litany of unique, found materials, such as crocheted hats, plastic sandwich bags, gleaming buttons, stuffed animals, and other items from thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales. Their sculptural form functions simultaneously to display and conceal through the visual references to the exuberance of masquerade and the protection of body armor."

free performances take place more than one hundred times annually in field concert hall.
photo: pete checchia

2. FREE student recital at the curtis institute!
although i generally like most classical music - especially if it involves a lonely piano - i don't know anything about it. luckily, i have the opportunity to see amazingly talented musicians play for free and maybe learn a thing or two myself.

as stated on the curtis website
"The Curtis Institute of Music educates and trains exceptionally gifted young musicians for careers as performing artists on the highest professional level. One of the world's leading conservatories, Curtis is highly selective, with an enrollment of about 165. A busy schedule of performances is at the heart of Curtis's distinctive "learn by doing" approach, which has produced an impressive number of notable artists since the school's founding in Philadelphia in 1924."

and this tidbit from wikipedia: "According to statistics compiled by U.S. News & World Report, it has the lowest acceptance rate of any college or university, making it the most selective institution of higher education in the United States." whoa.


3. STOP & meditate!
i have an app for this on my iphone...i just did some group meditating at work...i live alone...there is really no excuse why meditation is not part of my daily routine. my well-being says please and thank you. 

(over the next few weeks i am going to start making small changes to the blog...all good stuff!...stay tuned.)

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