WEEKEND DISTRACTIONS: wendy has rhythm!

Daddy Tattoo, Philadelphia, 2004 - zoe strauss

1. zoe strauss dance party at the philadelphia museum of art!
this event celebrates the opening of the mid-career retrospective (zoe strauss: ten years) by the acclaimed local photographer zoe strauss. from the PMA website: strauss states that her ambition is “to create an epic narrative that reflects the beauty and struggle of everyday life.”

my gal pal wendy is the best dancer in these parts and i cannot wait to get my groove on with her and see this amazing show!

2. finish the friendship bracelet i started last weekend!
i was totally thwarted by my friend's cat, but i am hoping that being in an animal-free zone and using my own muscle memory from when i was 12 will help me out!

ryan looks pretty good in his glasses, which are oddly similar to the frames i ordered!

3. daydream about my new GLASSES!
yes, i am finally getting some new glasses early next week. since i am basically blind: -9.50/-11.75 (try and top those numbers)...i hate glasses or rather me in glasses, but i thought it was about time. my current pair (from 1995!!) have not been treated with any sort of care and i must quiet the phrase on repeat in my brain saying "what if there is an eye emergency and i have to wear glasses?" hopefully my hair can cover the "thick" aspect, although my friend said that technology has come a long way since the mid-90s!

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  1. sara has style.
    CAN'T WAIT to rip up the dance floor with you, girl! hopefully, we don't knock too many people over...
    love you,