artistic appreciation: joan brown!

After the Alcatraz Swim #3, 1976.

please join me in appreciating joan brown, a painter who lived and worked in northern california.
i like the color, patterns and "flat-ness" of joan's work...especially the subtle details when you take a moment to absorb the whole image.

from the san francisco MOMA site: "Painter and assemblage artist Joan Brown is considered part of the second generation of the Bay Area Figurative movement. Her best-known paintings prominently feature autobiographical scenes and symbols related to her spirituality."

long journey
Copyright Estate of Joan Brown/Courtesy Sandra Shannonhouse
woman waiting in theater lobby, 1975
golden gate, 1987
 joan, who passed away in 1990, was also a competitive swimmer.

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  1. Very beautiful works of art! Ironically, the flatness bring the image and idea even more to life than the vibrant colours!