artistic appreciation: society6!

society6 is a company that offers artists a way to sell quality art prints, iphone cases, t-shirts and other cool products to people like me (AKA funky consumers) - without giving up control of their rights. win-win!

an interview on welovecreativity.com explained that "S6 was started by three friends; Justin Cooper, Tirigall, and Justin Wills, but Society6 is tens of thousands of members (artists) representing more than 80 countries from around the world. We’ve set Society6 up as a cooperative really, where everyone that is participating is both bringing value and benefiting. So we consider ourselves more architects of the experience than managers of any particular process. On the product production side, we’ve partnered with the best groups that we can find who operate with integrity and with the utmost attention to quality and details."

according to the society6 website: "All of our products are produced when you order them, on-demand, to avoid waste and keep our business sustainable. We go out of our way to use only the highest quality materials and processes. When you buy a product from a Society6 artist, we produce it, package it and ship it to you - worldwide."

i just bought the above iphone case and will let you know if it is as rad as i hope it will be!

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