DIY thursday: a gaggle of chairs!

ok, i have to be honest...i had a really busy weekend and kinda blew off doing a DIY project. luckily, i had these chairs in the wings!
my friend trash picked these four chairs for me, in the rain, so i had to wait a few weeks to begin their transformation as they dried out. i winged-it regarding repainting, etc. so please let me know if you have technique pointers. really. also, i choose some crazy lens/film combos for my iphone hipstamatic that made the teal look really BRIGHT! 

- sandpaper and wood glue (for prep)
- 1 qt. latex paint for the main color (i choose a flat finish) and acyclic paint for the detail work
- black permanent marker for the outlines (i know, but it works the best!)

here is what the chairs looked like originally...they had some sort of sealer on them that was flaking off. i used sandpaper to get the rest of it off and some wood glue to help make them sturdier.

after i toweled off the dust, i put 2 coats of the teal paint on each chair. the wood was raw and dry and sucked it up quite quickly. after the paint dried completely i started on my detail work. i had very little planning for this, just some pencil doodles. i basically grabbed some vibrant acrylics in my art supply drawer that went with the teal and just got to it...hoping i would not screw up too badly!

each chair is a little different, but they all have the same basic pattern and elements.

i thought that the paint and marker would rub off on my butt...but so far so good! luckily they are just a set of four bright funky chairs doing their job.

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