friday fab/5!

1. my small, but beloved, collection of tagua nut jewelry: what is tagua you ask? "agua (”tah-gwa”), is the dried seedpod of the tagua palm tree (Phytelephas macrocarpa) which grows in the tropical rainforests of south america. not only are these fun pieces made from a nut - they are compostable! get some here! i bought the bright pink ring on a whim at a post blizzard craft show and the teal bracelet was part of an awesome surprise/christmas package from my brother and his family.  

2. spending time at the jean madeline aveda institute on bainbridge in philly: for the patient bargain hunter! yes, often my cut/color takes a few hours and i have gotten my fair share of confused & timid students...but most of the time these flaws were overshadowed by the great instructors and low-low prices for aveda quality services. i'm trying to grow my hair out a bit and daring to wear a bright lip - ala alexa chung.

3. clare vivier clutches: i have been stalking these beautiful purses for over a year...someday i will have one for my very own!

4. the tempeh club at the royal tavern: i love it love it love it. the fake bacon + the savory tempeh + the sassy dressing + the crispy lettuce = heaven on a plate with a side of fries.

5. band - first aid kit: swedish siblings who sing layered throw-back 70s melodies! yes!

(alexa image source)
(tempeh club image source)
(first aid kit image source)

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