friday fab/5!

1. so delicious coconut milk: i am allergic to real milk and all the boxed milk substitutes give me stomach pain...but not (so far at least!) these delicious for real coconut milk products. thank you and yummy!

2. chevron drop earrings from etsy seller curiouscreaturesshop: elegant ear bling.

3. elsie larson (of the amazing a beautiful mess blog) shares tips for capturing emotions in photos: i really need help in this category and/or help not doing an imitation of a deer caught in headlights when i see a camera coming towards me...dialing up my inner diva is hard!

4. fabric row in philly: AKA button lover heaven...and hello notions!

5. bob dylan: i realized that every 3rd song on my itunes shuffle is a dylan song. go bob (AKA Robert Allen Zimmerman born in duluth MN)!

i'm going to do some serious nesting this weekend...and paying my taxes...and catching-up on sleep...and doing homework...and maybe some ice skating with my gal pal. your plans?

(dylan image source)

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