friday fab/5...lady stuff, etc.

1. words with friends iphone app: am i the last person to get addicted to this game? sometimes it is 12:30 am and i find myself searching for that perfect, yet elusive, triple-word/double-letter combo.

2. tselaine accessories store: you may walk right by this wisp of a store at the corner of 20th & walnut in philadelphia, but you should GO INSIDE. yes, it is tiny, but these ladies know just what to fit into their small space. i have been enjoying my recent purchase of a delightfully warm cowl scarf. (thanks for keeping my ears warm in this picture wendy!)

3. the interrupters documentary: terry gross just re-aired her interview with the folks responsible for this movie. the doc details a powerful program of "violence interrupters" trying to end youth violence in chicago. it is at the top of my "must watch" list. (also, interrupter ameena matthews was just on the colbert report - watch it here.)

4. terra mia organic nail salon: i don't get my nails done here...because that would be a lost cause, but i do treat myself to a monthly eyebrow waxin'. the amazing lady massages my face and head after she is done using the soy wax on me. need i say more?

5. spring fashion via madewell:...shortssssssssssss.

(eyebrow image source)