friday fab/five: spring fever!

1. outdoor dining: this weather literally demands that you spend time outside...enjoying some food and drinks with your pals. luckily philly has so many options for sidewalk & patio dining. hmmm...a chickpea burger at standard sounds really good to me right now.

2. new sneakers: i did it...i finally bought some "real" running shoes. because of my arthritic toes the neon, fancy, hi-tech, white mesh monstrosities that fill this category of fitness apparel are (thankfully) not an option. so, i ended up with pair of trusty, made in the USA, gray new balance sneakers. these are so old school that they actually say "heritage collection' on the inside. leg cramps be damned!

3. mad men: oh, don. oh, peggy. oh, joan. oh, roger. oh, (even) pete. you have all been missed. 2 hour premier next sunday. yes!

4. geometric jewelry: i am in LOVE with all the geometric influenced geometry out there right now...kinda makes me appreciate math a little more. just a little. i especially like this brass necklace by minusone via etsy.

5. birthday wishes to my cousin cindy: cindy...you are so awesome and such an inspiration to me. i treasure our friendship and appreciate the fact that you let me listen to your adam and the ants records back in the day.

(image of standard tap source, mad men source)

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