artistic appreciation: donald lipski!

good as gold, 2004 (image source)
american sculptor donald lipski creates installations that often transform totally average objects into art that is both engaging and stunning. on occasion he also uses one of my favorite objects - books! and he gets around...you may have also seen one of his large-scale public pieces, since there are over 20 in the US.

the west (image source)

"Process is critical to Donald Lipski's sculpture," writes Stephen Fleischman, Director of the Madison Art Center..."His work celebrates the object at the same time it reveals aspects of the human mind in operation... In Lipski's skilled hands, ordinary fly swatters and ballet shoes become poetic centerpieces of sculpture. Similarly, everyday thought processes — like editing, ordering and compulsivity — are elevated to a heroic level." (source)

the yearling, 1998 (image source)
the best love, the best sex, 2003 (image source)
dirt ball (image source)
pieces of string too short to save (image source)

see more images of his public works of art here!

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