friday fab/five: dr. dog/fireworks/free samples/mojitos, etc.

1. dr. dog: this west philly band has been popping up via my "shuffle" a lot lately...maybe my iphone knows that i'm moving! speaking of moving, these tunes are perfect for bike riding...from sublime coasting to tough hills...when a dr. dog song comes on i grin, sing along and pedal my heart out.

2. watching old mad men episodes: i know, i didn't think i was going to talk about MM until next spring (season 6!!), but my dear friend was sick over the weekend and i got to lounge out with her and watch a bit of season 2. OMG...there is so much that i forgot and characters that i miss...and it was so hard not to talk to her about the recent season...she's catching up though.

3. sephora: usually, i rush in and out of sephora over my lunch break - grabbing some old standby hair shine and maybe a new lip gloss while elbowing my way to the register. but i was in the store last friday and i actually ask for HELP finding something. lesson learned...the cute lady was not only super helpful, but she loaded me up with free samples. i love free things, especially things like origins cooling eye mask.

4. mojito: i had the amazing opportunity to visit cuba (twice!) a few years ago - and boy do they know how to prepare their signature drink. for me, it's not only the perfect summer cocktail, but drinking a mojito on a hot humid day reminds me of my crazy island adventures! now if i can only find that missing bottle of havana club.

5. july: here's a little known fact...the 4th of july AKA independence day is my favorite holiday. yes, the food is always good and grilled, but it's the spectacle of this particular holiday that gets to me. those cheesy country songs make me cry and i relish in exclaiming over a colorful exploding sky. on a related note: i also cry during the national anthem at sports events and when touchdowns result in fireworks. i choose to think it's very american of me to react this way!

(image source 1 // 2 // 3 in athens // 4 // 5 - g. widman)


  1. Cause I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free...haaa!

  2. love # 5 and i also feel emotional during such times :)