friday fab/five: edward sharpe and samosas!

1. it's time to embrace the season of outdoor eating and drinking...i recently enjoyed having a few watermelon beers at the newly open morgan's pier along the (lovely?) delaware river.

2. i just kept listening to the new edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros album (that was streaming for free) on my NPR music app over and over...so dreamy. (image source)

3. indian food. i know, how could you want to eat hot food when it's so hot outside? let my samosa and basmati rice addiction speak loudly here...because indian food is so flipping good. especially the local fast food indian from mumbai bistro on 10th and locust or you can make make your own samosas!

4. organic elements in jewelry! i just love this trend...check out: midwest alchemy // lexluxe // emiliebliguet.

5. salads...as much as i love hot food, who likes cooking right now? not me. spicy arugula salads are making my stomach smile, but here is a delicious recipe for the blood orange, beet and fennel salad pictured above.

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