friday/fab 5: water ice/peppermint/bartram's gardens, etc!!

keeping it short and sweet - on account of the heat. oh, a rhyme!

1. pools: my gym has an outdoor unheated pool...and boy, does it hit the spot on a hot day.

2. italian water ice: this regional treat is NOT a snow-cone or a slushie - to me "wooder" ice is plainly cold and sweet and people in philly love it by the cupful. the president even had some when he was in town last summer!

3. movie theaters: so freezing - so dark. i just saw the movie "safety not guaranteed" - it's a pretty awesome little film! see it!

4. bartram's gardens: sometimes the city is SO hot and bartram's is strangely cool and otherworldly. must check out their new bike trail ASAP.

5. peppermint: nothing beats dabbing some peppermint essential oil behind my ears and on my lower back and then getting on my bike. mint + breeze = cold tingly ride!

(images: 2 // 3 via pinterest // 4 // 5)

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